Monday, January 10, 2005

Hell Hath No Fury Like Gallagher Scorned

If you like interview subjects who aren't afraid to get a little dangerous, check out this bridge-torching interview with '80s prop-comic celebrity Gallagher. He defends his art and drops the shizzle on comedians he hates. For instance, asked about how good Letterman was during his stand-up days:

It was terrible. You see how it is every night. He does three jokes. But Dave once told me that he didn't need an act. He told me that he was going to be a talk-show host. What I never got was that he was never funny enough to be a guest, so how does he become the host? But that's America for you. America wants the mediocre. It doesn't want the heroic or the moral.

On Tom Hanks:

Yes, it's frustrating. [Hanks] didn't go on the road [as a stand-up] and work anywhere. I went off on the road and worked. He and Michael Keaton would meet someone in the movie business and, bang, they're millionaires and living in Beverly Hills. You have [my] skill and ability and you're renting a condo.

This is Wil Wheaton territory. Just the way to start a Monday morning.

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Anonymous said...

"America wants the mediocre. It doesn't want the heroic or the moral."
Be that as it may, these words were never meant to be spoken by a man famous for smashing watermellons with a mallet.