Thursday, February 24, 2005


In an otherwise interesting item about Soprano-like activities in parts of New Jersey, my fellow Galley Slave Jonathan V. Last mistook me to hail from Monmouth County. I am actually from Toms River in nearby Ocean County. That said, Monmouth is a beautifully rustic region with towns such as Colts Neck, which is not a part of the above-mentioned scandal. Monmouth is also home to the legendary Golden Bell Diner.

And while I am at it, let me reassure our readers that there are no obvious signs of corruption in Toms River--at least not that I am aware of under the sturdy leadership of Republican enforcer Carmine Inteso.

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Puppyleader said...

We lived in Sea Bright, which is the town closest to Sandy Hook National Park. I was glad to read that SB was not one of the towns tainted by corruption. Monmouth County encompasses the Joisey Shore (where SB is) and further inland horse country which rivals that of Virginia and Kentucky. I should add that one beach at Sandy Hook was home to some of the less bathsuited inhibited bathers.