Monday, December 19, 2005

The Probabilistic Age

Chris Anderson has an excellent entry on The Probabilistic Age: the emergence of market-driven intelligence. I'm not 100 percent convinced in the inherent goodness of probabilistic systems, but they are frighteningly efficient.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, Kwawk's nailed you, Last! Why don't you shitcan that pre-med degree from Johns Hopkins right this instant?

After all--and let's all follow Kwawk's thinking here--you work for The Weekly Standard; The Weekly Standard is, broadly speaking, conservative; some conservatives question the validity of the theory of natural selection. Consequently, there is no liberal media bias!

Kwawk, your comment was so stupid it would take a mathemagician to model it. But, hey, it works for you, so whatever.

Anonymous said...

Kwawk, you crack me up. Look, even if what you meant to say is what BJ said, you didn't actually say that. Instead, we got an earful of sarcasm about "liberal media bias."

Tell you what. Google the words "Charles Krauthammer intelligent design." Then "John Derbyshire intelligent design." Then "George Will intelligent design." Go poke around the First Things website--theocon central--and you'll find more contra than pro.

Get the idea? Mainstream conservatism--to say nothing of Jonathan V. Last, who could freakin' teach evolutionary biology--already rejects I.D.

(As for your conspiracy theory, permit me to tell you--now mind you, I break bread daily with Scaife, Limbaugh, Dobson, and an agent from Mossad--that it's more than a bit silly.)

Anonymous said...

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