Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Matus Gets the Goods

Because I'm a lousy friend and colleague, I missed Matus's outstanding WSJ piece on the fight over foie gras when it originally ran. In case you did too, here's a taste, with Anthony Bourdain going after Wolfgang Puck for taking foie gras off of his menus:

"I think he should stop worrying about cruelty to animals and start worrying about all the customers he's flopping his crap on at airports," says chef Anthony Bourdain, the author of "Kitchen Confidential" and the star of the TV series "No Reservations." Mr. Bourdain elaborates: "He does a lot of business in California. He got squeezed and pressured and phone-called from all angles, and like a good German shopkeeper he folded and sold out the people hiding in the cellar next door. I got no respect."

So hot.

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