Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brief Political Aside

It seems a lot of Republicans are griping about Caroline Kennedy's desire to be named Senator from the State of New York.

Has it occurred to anyone that Senator C. Kennedy would be the GOP's best chance to pick up Senate seat in New York for a very long time?

Plus, if the Republicans are going to eventually make the case that Democrats are a bunch of entitled and/or corrupt elites, Princess Caroline makes a nice entry on the list of supporting evidence.

Plus, plus, does anyone think she'd be a particularly effective senator?

In other words, from the Republican standpoint, isn't Caroline Kennedy an unmitigated blessing?

PS: Sure, maybe Republicans want to complain just enough to get noticed, but not so much as to derail Caroline's coronation. But they should be careful, no?


jjv said...

First, I think she would be a reasonably good Senator because her staff would be outstanding. Uncle Teddy would see to that.

Second, since when are conservatives against dynastic and family ties to politics? I'm not.

Third,New Yorkers love celebrities and big names representing them. That's how her Uncle got in.

I think she has as much of a chance of holding the seat as any Democrat which is to say pretty good.

Anonymous said...

sounds like good strategy if you thought N.Yorkers would be appalled to have unqualified celebrity royalty imposed on them.
Kennedy will be a lock for the dems, like Franken would hope to be and carpetbagger enabler Clinton was. I think that is the argument for Kennedy (dem security of seats held by elite celebrities), rather than her qualifications or anything people pay attention too.