Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tiger Beat

About that little Tiger Woods thingie, there's more. Lots more. This looks like a Cat V super story.

Update: Woods has now issued a Clinton-esque statement acknowledging personal failings and asking for privacy, etc. under the strange header "Tiger comments on current events."

"Current events"? Like Obama's Afghanistan speech? Or Friday's coming unemployment numbers?

In any event, it seems like another ill-advised statement. If Woods has done nothing illegal--and there's no indication that he has--then he should simply clam up and refuse to speak about any of this, ever. Let the tabloids do what they do. You can't control them. Take your lumps. But refuse to participate and make clear to the mainstream media that you will not--not tomorrow, not three years from now--ever talk about this stuff. Private is private and while they're free to do what they want, you won't play along.

The problem is, by coming out and trying to promulgate his own series of events from the outset, that sort of principled hard line might not be available to him in any plausible way.


Anonymous said...

My first thought with the Uchitel revelation was: Why didn't Tiger get a $3k per night hooker...but then I thought of Eliot Spitzer

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this:



It's all kinds of amazing!