Wednesday, January 06, 2010

About Sherlock Holmes

Back when Snatch was released, Brad Pitt predicted that one day Guy Ritchie would re-invent the Western. Maybe. With Sherlock Holmes, however, Ritchie has re-invented the buddy-cop movie. And it's kind of awesome.

There's a lot to like about Ritchie's Holmes--how he structures it like a series of magic tricks; how he uses flash-backs to keep himself honest while also demonstrating Holmes's cleverness; how Jude Law has triumphantly returned to character acting. But the thing that struck me most was how closely Ritchie and Downey's Holmes resembles Hugh Laurie's House.

Before Steve Sailer mentioned it, I had never considered what a close cousin House was to Holmes. But the Ritchie's Holmes and Watson could be House and Wilson's brothers.

Update: With deep chagrin I now realize that Galley Friend Erasmus was on the House/Holmes case years ago. In addition to noting the direct relations, Erasmus picked up that (1) House has Black Adder on his TiVo; and (2) House actually lives in 221B.

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