Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anatomy of a Soccer Scold

Pursuant to this post from last week, Santino sends along the following to posts from Nation writer Dave Zirin. I'll let Santino do the talking:
Zirin on June 14: Conservatives should love soccer but don't, because they're racist.
Zirin on June 23: It's a shame conservatives love soccer so much right now because it promotes ugly American cultural hegemony.
You can't make this up. What you also can't make up is this bit from Zirin's post yesterday:
I was watching the game in the offices at National Public Radio in Washington, DC, waiting to go on the air to discuss the outcome. Remember, this is NPR: the station that defines calm, even-tempered talk. Let's just say that almost every cubicle and office let out an extemporaneous yelp. Yes, NPR went wild.
They don't shout or cheer at NPR. They "yelp."

Also precious, but not quite as fantastic is Zirin proclaiming:
The United States is not my favorite team by a long stretch. I'm an Argentina guy, myself. 
But of course.

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LL said...

I really don't care all that much (it is soccer after all) but I'm rooting for the Netherlands. Why? I saw some of their fans. Those chicks are hot.