Thursday, July 01, 2010

In Praise of Axis & Allies

I'd give just about anything to sit across the board from Niall Ferguson.

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Anonymous said...

I may not be Niall Ferguson, but I'm in for an Axis and Allies game any time you want via Vassal( Seriously. I lost many a night's sleep refighting WWII with my high school friends back in the late 80's.

Now, if you really want to geek out with some wargaming, head up to Historicon in Valley Forge next weekend. That's where I'll be. Not only does it provide four days of wargames, but you get to immerse yourself in a unique little subculture, meet (and game with) people like Frank Chadwick (of GDW games fame) and Larry Bond (Harpoon designer and co-author of Red Storm Rising w/ Tom Clancy), and experience the palace intrigue that swirls around the organization's leadership. Check it out at