Monday, February 13, 2006

Peerflix: The Answer to Netflix?

Does anyone have thoughts on Peerflix as an alternative to Slightly Evil Netflix?


Brad said...

Peerflix is cool. But, looks to be a lot better.

Eric said...

I like Peerflix. It is hard to get popular movies, because there is a limited supply that has to make its way around. But it is a great way to get some obscure titles very cheaply.

DH_Peerflix said...

Thanks for blogging about!

Supply continues to grow as we now have 250,000+ DVDs in circulation on the network. At just $0.99 per trade, we allow consumers to receive DVDs at a fraction of the cost of rental services.

Check out the Peerblog for daily updates about the company -

deckman said...

How about trying a different dvd trading site with a different business model?

Flickflop ( is the newest way to trade your used DVD movies. Users trade against FlickFlop's growing inventory of movies, simplifying the trade selection by offering the movies that they can trade for depending on their DVD, their movie genre preferences and trading history.