Monday, January 05, 2009

Why Can't Us?

On the pick that Samuel returned for a TD yesterday, did anyone notice the vicious block that got thrown on Tarvaris Jackson just before Samuel got into the endzone? Dear God, it was righteous.

(BTW, Jackson deserves a ton of credit for hustling back and whole-heartedly trying to make a play, knowing he had a giant bullseye on him. That's all heart.)


Ralphie said...

Shades of Friday Night Lights, Season 1, Episode 1.

Bill Walsh said...

Awesome. But not in the league of the one that a Raven (Ray Lewis, I think) laid on a Dolphin (receiver from the skinny looks of him) on Ed Reed's long runback. Watch the upper middle of the screen at 00:14, and then again slightly to the right at 00:40.

If that was Lewis, he's got to watch getting indicted for murder again, because he almost killed that guy.