Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Five Votes

WARNING: The following item is yet another appraisal of the newly reborn Georgetown Hoyas.

It might not seem like a big deal, but the fact that the Georgetown men's basketball team has received five votes in the Associated Press poll and four in the ESPN Coaches' poll is nothing to laugh at. Fine, laugh at it. But it still marks an incredible comeback for a team that went 13-15 last season--and losing 15 of its last 18 games. The Hoyas are currently 12-5 (4-2 in the Big East). The five votes received for this week are the first such votes in almost two years. ESPN currently predicts the Hoyas not only to make it to the Big Dance but to be seeded 7th against a 10-seed (Maryland). The Washington Post last week put us in an 8-9 matchup.

Tonight the Hoyas face off against St. John's--a team that will not make it to the postseason due to NCAA infractions. But a conference win is a conference win, which they will need before they head to Boston and face the undefeated Eagles.

To fully grasp the turnaround under coach John Thompson III, see my previous lament in The Daily Standardfrom two years ago, followed by the sacking of former coach Craig Esherick a year later.


Anonymous said...

im sorry to burst your bubble but maryland would kick the hoyas ass back to washington.

Anonymous said...

Go BC!
Just think, Victor--World Champion Red Sox, Superbowl Champion Patriots, and National Champion BC Eagles. Ah, sure and it's a fine time to be a New Englander, a fine time.

Anonymous said...

Let's not go overboard - a lot of teams do well under a first year coach. Heck, you just have to look at St Johns for proof of that: they have a terrible team, but are playing absolutely great bball - including wins over ranked NCSt and Pitt. And Esherick himself went to a Sweet 16.

Don't get excited about Thompson III until we see what he can do after a few years.