Monday, January 24, 2005

Let the Eagles Soar

Finally. As expected, Bill Lyon has it best.

I'll just say this: I have not been a believer. And I still don't believe all the way. The New England Patriots are better than the Eagles. If they played five times, the Patriots would win four of them.

But they only have to play once. And in two weeks, in the Supre Bowl, I'm going to watch the Philadelphia Eagles. Watch them win.

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Anonymous said...

Fly Eagles Fly baby!

I'll just post one thing from ESPN's Page 2 today.

"For Boston this could be the best year in the history of American sports. Boston, history awaits you. Only one thing stands in your way.


Consider yourself warned"

Remember as everyone talks about how the Eagles are doomed since Belichek has 2 weeks to prepare, but Big Red Andy Reid is 8-0 with two weeks in the last 6 years. Remember that!