Friday, March 24, 2006

Michael Bay Blog--Is Back!

Well, not all the way back, but the Wayback Machine has a small offering of the genius here, with classics like:
LOTR: ROTK: This is being considered as the prime contender, so I watched this at Hef’s cause it’s nice to see something like this on the big screen. And for a film that is incredibly faggoty, I thought it was pretty good. I mean watching this reminded me of when I spent my younger days working on model cars, shooting stuff on 16mm with friends, and beating up on the D&D nerds. A while back Will Smith sent me this clip, I doubt any of you would have seen it, where these kids were acting out D&D for real, one kid was saying stuff like “Thunder Bolt, Thunder Bolt.” Sometimes when we were on set on BBII (Best Visual and Sound effects Oscars? Hello?), he would start throwing things at Martin and saying that. Always got me laughing. Anyway for a film that’s totally about fairies, dwarves, and gay ass spandex, I thought it was well done, but Viggo should have beheaded at least three more people. Then he would been more heroic. But I thought it was smart how Jackson (who always looks homeless when in photos, and have you seen his wife… Dude you’re rich and famous now, I’ve been balls deep in Miranda Otto and you haven’t? Still, nice to know I didn’t get his sloppy seconds) gave the film so much girl power.

The only problem is that the archive is incomplete. If anyone out there has a remedy--or a bootlegged copy of the blog archive, I'd be indebted.


Anonymous said...

You have received 4 comments on your last TWELVE posts. That is pathetic. Maybe you need to rethink your new format. No one cares about these trivial regurgitations. There are too many people doing entertainment/gossip well. You guys are not that funny. You're a bunch of writers for the Weekly Standard for God's sake. It's just not PLAUSIBLE. The politics angle with hints of gossip was way better because I felt you could provide some insight into things. I live in LA. I don't need this crap. Go back to the original format. It was so much better.

Anonymous said...

The redesign here doesn't matter to me one way or the other. My question to Jonathan Last & Victorino Matus is, when are you going to put up new, color pictures of yourself on the Weekly Standard website?