Thursday, March 30, 2006

That's Kayfabe

The Iron Sheik is still very worked up over his WrestleMania III match with B. Brian Blair (of the Killer Bees, natch):
I break his back, make him humble, and then fuck him in ass.

Note the Kurt Angle shirt and the championship belt he's carrying.

So hot.


Anonymous said...

JVL, you taken a decidedly gay turn lately. It is kinda pissin' me off and I'm losing interest really fast. I used to really like galley slaves. I know I have no standing to complain, it isn't like I'm paying for this and, after all, it is your blog; however, it is quite a let down.

Dean Barnett said...

I find it necessary to take issue with the anonymous commenter who suggests JVL is going Brokeback Mountain on us. A few things:

1) A letter like that should be signed, not anonymous.

2) The Iron Sheik threatens to rape Killer Bee Brian Brown. Rape is a crime of violence, not passion, so even if it is man on man it's not gay per se. It's not like the Iron Sheik wanted to go shepherding with the Killer Bee for a couple of months.

3) It's hard to imagine any creature less gay than the Iron Sheik. Don't be fooled by the brightly colored tights and the curled pointy-toed boots - he was and is all man.

4) Generally speaking, I am gobsmacked by your vile bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Dean! Do you know what the difference is between a gay man and the Iron Shiek? A six pack of beer.

Dean Barnett said...

The only six-pack the Iron Sheik knows about is the glorious one that marked his abdomen.


That Dude said...

If he was going gay he wouldve mentioned Adrian Adonis, cmon people! lol


Dean Barnett said...

Aaah, the Adorable Adrian Adonis (pbuh). There, my friends, was a man confident enough in his masculinity to make no secret about things. I still fondly recall the Adorable one's enthusiasm for stepping into the ring with Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorf. Every time some jacked up steroid addled freak enters the square circle, it's impossible to not miss the Adorable One.