Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rextasy Is Back

All the way back. Blog Crush II:
"We have a game Sunday? Fuck, I didn't even know. They don't tell me when the games are played. I just run out onto the field and start aiming lasers for fucking Saturn, you know what I mean? If there's a defense there, whatever. Sexy Rexy is more than happy to spray hot passes all over the defense's chest. Who are we playing? The Lions? Pfft. Those guys aren't sexy. . . .

"What's that color the Lions wear? Honolulu Blue? Yeah, well I nailed six Hawaiian Tropic girls last week. So while those assholes are busy wearing Honolulu, I'm busy fucking it. Wore my mesh practice top the whole time, too. And in front of a mirror. Ever stick your finger up your own ass? God, it just felt so right.

"Jesus, now that you told me I'm playing Detroit, I'm all fucking hot. God dammit. I gotta go throw something. Now. I just... I just can't take the anticipation. It's driving me buc wild. Such a depleted secondary. So many long, long throws. You know I accidentally fucked Olin Kreuntz once? True story."


Anonymous said...

Did you Iggles fans sacrifice a virgin or something to be in a position to get an NFC Eat title? Unbelievable. Payton's done a great job, but Reid and Mangini are righ there.

That Dude said...

No virgins in Phillyt, but maybe Tony Homo err Romo shouldn't be showing off his virgin on the field before the games.