Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stallone = Awesome?

To be honest, I'm pretty jacked up to see Rocky Balboa. There, I said it. It looks all kinds of awesome. Particularly since Mason "The Line" Dixon looks uncannily like Terrell Owens. Seeing TO getting beaten to pulp by Rocky on the bigscreen is the closest thing Philly fans are going to get to catharsis this year.

But even if you haven't bought in for this latest installment, you'll want to read AICN's Q & A session with Stallone. Sly is so funny, honest, and interesting that you'll think the whole thing was made up. (It's not.)

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arrScott said...

I remember Stallone saying what stands out in my memory as the most significant thing anyone has ever said on Inside the Actor's Studio. He differentiated between movie stars who are actors and movie stars who are performers. Ever since, I can't watch movies without mentally checking off every major character as either an actor or a performer, and thinking of Stallone when I do.