Thursday, November 08, 2007

HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray (cont.)

I have no idea what to make of the following:

In a recent Variety story on Indie distributors and the high-def disc format war, we learn that some of the indies are going Blu-ray, some HD DVD, some both, and some neither. Nothing surprising there.

Then we learn that the Weistein Company is HD DVD exclusive. Why is that surprising?

Because a year ago the Weinstein Company announced a deal where Blockbuster would be the only place to rent their discs and . . .

Earlier this summer Blockbuster announced that it would only carry Blu-ray discs.

Are the Weinsteins just hedging their bets? Couldn't blockbuster or Sony beat them into sticking with the program? Or is this just another sign of the SNAFU culture at Sony where things that should be easy to control get overlooked?

Or maybe something else entirely?

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Toto said...

I'm dumbstruck that this format battle is still waging with no clear winner in sight. I love movies/DVDs/HD-anything, but I would never buy a high-def player until I knew who would be left standing when the smoke clears. I'm also loathe to give up on my existing DVD collection. And won't we all be downloading films in three or so years anyway?