Monday, February 04, 2008

Galley friend M.G. asked if I'd seen a video called "two girls one cup." I claimed ignorance, at which he pointed me to this discussion of it on Slate. M.G. then urged me to watch it for myself, saying he is not easily shocked and this shocked him. Well, I thought, how bad could it be? After all, I did pay money to see Hostel in a theater.

Just finished viewing it.

Easily the worst thing I have ever seen.


Jacob said...

My eyes! Ze googles do nothing!

Anonymous said...

Gross- Yes, Discusting- Yes but not the most shocking thing I have seen. You would be surprised what Coke Whores will do for their next fix. I guess when everyone told me it would be the most discusting thing I would ever see, with all the hype I was really prepared for something to make me puke. Yes it was disturbing but not as bad as I thought.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what is worse: this video of two deviants or the videos of countless others being entertained by their perversions. Watching this video is like claiming you are "researching the porn industry" for a class project or an article. It underscores our human depravity and lets the air out of the argument that people are basically good: we're not. We're either going to the gutter levels or satisfying our visceral urges by watching others scrape along the bottom.