Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fracking Gints

For the Giants hater in all of us.

Oh, and read the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Meh. Has the person who posted this ever actually gone to a Giants game? Yes, there are some people like that, but not that many. The best comment was by someone named (ironically enough) Paul Pierce: "Its well established that NYC cops and firefighters are Jets fans. There are plenty of Giant fans like you describe, but you won’t see them at the Meadowlands, because the Giants crowds are all families and well off old people. Giants crowds up till this year were embarrassingly tame for the most part."

The typical Giants fan is a well off middle aged-to-old person, with family, who has had season tickets for 25 years. He's a lawyer, lives in Ridgewood or Short Hills, and drives an Audi A8.

Next game, I'm going to look at the crowd shots and see how many Shockey jerseys are there - I predict not many.

BTW - I'm a lifetime Giants fan (still have a now-ill-fitting Simms 11 jersey in the dresser) and grew up in Bergen County, so I know whereof I speak.