Thursday, December 18, 2008

Newsweek and Fundamentalism

Without getting caught up in the substance of Newsweek's "religious case" for gay marriage, there's a side note which caught my eye. In an intro to the piece, editor Jon Meacham writes that, "This conservative resort to biblical authority [to oppose gay marriage] is the worst kind of fundamentalism."

Which is funny. I might have thought that the "worst sort of fundamentalism" would be the kind of fundamentalism that called for the execution of homosexuals.

Or, I don't know, maybe the kind of fundamentalism that routinely kills homosexuals as a matter of religious law.

This guy gets to run a giant national magazine? Seriously?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Last,

If I haven't already posted before and told you that you and Victorino are the bomb, then my apologies, because you are the bomb and two of my favorite writers working in the conservative media world.

The Newsweek piece is even worse than you think. Regardless of what rights anyone thinks gays should have, the Biblical case against gay marriage is about as solid as these things get.

Why anyone would take Meacham seriously is beyond me, although at least he publishes George Will every couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

And yet Newsweek still makes The Atlantic look sane and well-balanced by comparison.

Anonymous said...

That Luther character, with his "Sola Scriptura" and all, was surely one mean fundie. Meacham is no Woodward. Newsweek no longer is unreadable.

Anonymous said...

Rats. Yeah, that would be "READABLE" in the previous post. Bad typing early in the new year . . .