Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year to You

"But of course, most of those assumptions are ridiculous. Kolb is not a starting NFL quarterback. He's a young Doug Pederson. And the Eagles have no chance--zero--of making the playoffs this season."
--Doing your oppo research for you

But seriously, here's what I want to know: What is a team that's 2-4 in division (4-8 over the last two seasons) doing in the playoffs? It's not quite the travesty of San Diego getting in at 8-8, but it's not that far off.

All of that said, the Giants' Superbowl victory last year is proof that in today's NFL, any reasonably-decent team has a chance to win a championship, in a way that reasonably-decent teams in the NBA and MLB do not.


Anonymous said...

The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals were 83-79 in the regular season.

Anonymous said...

I HATE THE EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is wrong with this world, Philly does not deserve this kind of success, they do not know how to handle it. With everything going on in the world, from economic meltdown to war, to the Yellowstone Caldera, this has to be a sign of the end of the world. It's in the bible somewhere, "And Satan will bring success to the city of brotherly love, and God will hasten the end of the world with fire from beneath the earth to rain down upon the decadence of man"
happy new years JVL.