Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why Can't Us?

Philadelphia is now poised to take its rightful place among the great powers. We hereby announce our intention to formally annex the NFC West. We have suffered this pathetic division's insolence for nearly four months and will not tolerate further provocation.

Once we have consolidated our rightful dominion over the National Football Conference, we will determine our future demands.

Neocon exit question: Who would be more obnoxiously aggressive--a Philadelphia fan with a Super Bowl and World Series victories or a nuclear-armed Iran?


Anonymous said...

My brother points out: NFC Championship teams' record vs. the Washington Redskins: 0–3. So clearly we're the rightful champ. Or something.

Crazy year.

J. said...

Oh and to answer your question (even though I assumed it was rhetorical from the nature of the post), the former.

Anonymous said...

The Philly fans but only if they are calling in to WIP.

Anonymous said...

Winning will not change the icy heart of the Philly fan. After the game, my brother-in-law claimed that the only thing better than the Eagles winning the Super Bowl would be having Andy Reid fired at the post-game victory celebration.