Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chrysler Humor

Galley Friend C.W. sends a link to this Megan McArdle post--she seems to be having maybe-sorta second thoughts about Obama! Who knew!

But that's not the point. The real gold is in these two comments down below, where some cranky conservatives are venting about past and future Chrysler bailouts.

Comment #1:

Meet the new Amtrak, same as the old Amtrak.

Comment #2:

Yancey, that's completely ridiculous. Chrysler is NOT the new Amtrak.

The new Amtrak is building a "high-speed" rail network that everyone will be forced to ride because the Chrysler they got in lieu of a tax refund is in the shop drawing on our new universal coverage car-care plan ("Car care is a human right!"). The waiting lists for oil filters are going to be awful, don't you know, and you won't be able to get "life-extending" care after 50,000 miles.

Well played, sir.


tom said...

Commenters are accusing her of having supported Obama because all the cool kids in DC were doing it. Do you think that young DC/NYC libertarians and conservatives are really affected by that?

PG said...

Tom, are you kidding? Of course the DC/NYC cool kid libertarian/liberaltarian wannabes are affected by that. There is a huge clique-ish flock mentality in Gen-X/Millenial libertarian class. I find it next to impossible to take Mcardle and Reason mag crowd seriously when they talk politics. I'll listen to their thoughts on policy and/or economics, but when it comes to politics they are a joke. Anyone who purports to be a fiscal conservative and voted for Obama turned in their seriousness card at that moment. Their logic was MINDBOGGLINGLY retarded: "I am a fiscal conservative, George W. Bush was a terrible president because he expanded government too much. Therefore I have decided to vote for Barack Obama!"

"But Obama wants to increase the size of government even more"

"But Bush was a terrible president. Bushitler! War Criminal! Bush!!!!"

Don't forget, these people would do and say anything that would raise their profile or land a TV gig.
Problem is: it works. See, Sullivan, Andrew; Buckley, Christopher; Mcardle, Megan; and on, and on, and on..