Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sherlock Holmes: Action Hero

Can't tell if it this is Wild, Wild West or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Or worse.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. Nailed it. The slo-mo crap is ridiculous; the persistent explosions; no Moriarty; and a girl in a bustier that reminds me vaguely of Woody Allen's Love and Death and Countess Alexandrovna-Boris. This movie is going to cause windfall in sales of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock for the BBC. ZACKSDAD DAVE

Anonymous said...

My co-worker's response: Why does this look like it should star Brendan Fraser?

James said...

Mother of God.

I could see a story called Sherlock Holmes UTTERLY working, perfectly working, with that cast. And they turned it into a period action comedy.

How do you waste this much talent? I would have said "yes, yes, a thousand times yes" to a Holmes of this caliber. And yet, it's completely obvious it was all wasted from the damned trailer.

Shoot the producer. It's his fault. Shoot him now.