Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Standing Up for Brinkley

Galley Reader and Vandy Super Fan J.O. writes in about Cronkite-mania and NPR's dissing of the great David Brinkley:

I've had a love/hate with this blog since '07 and Jeff Green's colossal walk against my beloved Commodores. However, PBS shitting on David Brinkley (who was incidentally a Vandy alumnus) went too far and I need to vent.

The Cronkite worship reached into the depths of hell during the recent 2 hour PBS docu-celebration of WC's life. In effect, they minimized Huntley/Brinkley's successful entry into the evening news wars against Cronkite in very condescending fashion: Huntley/Brinkley were dismissed as "cutesy" and "unserious" and not very journalistic vs. the greatest journalist that we unclean serfs ever had the privilege to witness, i.e., Cronkite.

Those were serious fighting words: I'm 36 and "This Week with David Brinkley" was my introduction to the Sunday talking head chat show genre in middle school/high school. It remains the best ever, IMO.

I'm with J.O. on Brinkley.


jjv said...

Brinkley also was a better writer than Cronkite. His memoir of his early years in Washington is great. He was also pretty conservative and not a bolshy.

Raj Khatri said...

Its very true that he was also pretty conservation...

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