Friday, September 04, 2009

E.A. Sports--It's in the Conspiracies!

In advance of her coming appearance with Oprah, Galley Crush Czabe has been airing two Erin Andrews conspiracy theories, which are variations on his original conspiracy theory:

(1) That the hotel peep-cam was actually done by Andrews on purpose in order to raise her profile in advance of contract renegotiations with the Four Letter. The operating principal here being that in modern America, any fame that does not kill you only makes you stronger.

(2) That the hotel peep-cam was actually done by Andrews as a gift for a boyfriend/significant other. The operating principle here being that sex tapes are like velociraptors--once you create them, they inevitably escape into the wild.

If the first theory were true, it would be sort of tragic. Andrews is America's sports girlfriend and we would hate to learn that deep down she's like Paris Hilton.

But if the second theory were true, wouldn't it make us love her more? It would mean that America's sports girlfriend is actually the dream girlfriend in real life. Who wouldn't stand up and salute that?

P.S.: I have not seen the aforementioned video and wouldn't watch it even if you sent a link to it to the email address just over there on the right-hand side. Yes, that one, right there.

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