Thursday, September 10, 2009

Robert Carlyle drinks responsibly. For once.

Galley friend S.B. sends this link to a new Johnnie Walker commercial featuring Robert Carlyle. Except it's not really a commercial; more like an infomercial. The kind you can watch over and over.

There are a ton of questions, such as how many takes did it require? Was there a teleprompter below the camera that allowed Carlyle to look down and read? Was this really one take?

All that matters is that it works. And as I told S.B., you really can't go wrong with Robert Carlyle. Except, of course, if you bump into him at a pub and make him spill his drink.


Unknown said...

A Hollywood-Elsewhere commenter provides the backstory on how they pulled this off -- 40 takes!

Unknown said...

I wonder if Steven Tyler wil look like that in ten years.