Monday, November 09, 2009

The Best News You'll Read All Day

Eventually someone in newspapers was going to call the internet's bluff and remind people that information does not want to be free. Murdoch looks set to do it.

If he does, I suspect others will begin following suit. It would be fantastic if it was Rupert who ended up saving the newspaper industry. Not that the people who work in newspapers would ever acknowledge it.


Al said...

FYI, (the website of the Long Island newspaper) just went to subscription model a couple of weeks ago. Don't knwo how that affects whether google carries the stories.

Unknown said...

So who's chortling over Murdoch's decision? "The Moderate Voice," "Boing Boing," "Truthdig," and "Mediaite."

Knowing little about the economic feasability and business judgment underlying the decision, I'm going to side with Murdoch simply in light of his choice of critics.