Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dirty New Mexico Part Deux: Dirtier

Some of you may remember Elizabeth Lambert as the UNM soccer player who's half Vinnie Jones and half Bill Laimbeer. Well now she's taken it up a notch, with what might be the biggest heel-turn in sports since the Honky-Tonk Man.

In yesterday's New York Times Lambert claimed that she's the real victim. Victim of what? Pretty much everything. A brief summary of people who have done Lambert wrong:

* The dirty BYU players who started it.

* Fans in the stands who taunted her.

* The ref, who made a mistake in not issuing cards (to Lambert?) sooner.

* Sexism in the media for focusing on her actions.

* Sexism in the culture for turning her into a villain.

* Bloggers and emailers who've said mean things about/to her.

And you thought she couldn't get any less likable!

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Anonymous said...

The best part of this is the amount of ink (pixels?) spilled by NYT for this story, notice how the article loops back a couple of times to traditional pomo themes of gender, sexuality, et al.

Selena Roberts is gone from the NYT, but her spirit lives on!