Thursday, March 18, 2010


There, it's my gift to you. Go put it on your DVR schedule and catch up with this week's premier on On Demand or the Hulu machine or whatever. Just get in now on the ground floor, because this series is going to be crazy awesome.

The first episode was some of the best TV I've seen in years. Justified is an Elmore Leonard rough adaptation. On the surface it plays like Hillbilly Heat, but only the chassis is crime story. Underneath the hood, Justified is pure Western. The premise is a U.S. Marshal who gets himself banished from the Miami field office and back to a small branch in rural Kentucky, which happens to be where he's from. There he immediately gets involved in tracking down a fellow he was buddies with in high school, who now happens to be an Aryan brotherhood, white-supremacist type. It is, by turns, tense, engaging, and even funny. And it changes speeds effortlessly.

Also, I suspect it's going to (finally) make a big star out of Timothy Olyphant. A tease below of the awesomeness:

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