Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kaus For Senate!

Frequent G.S. commenter TubbyLover69 sent an email over the weekend alerting me to his very excellent store peddling Kaus for Senate gear. I can't recommend it highly enough. He's put an ad over there to the right with one of the styles of t-shirt, but I prefer this bit of awesomeness:

No matter who your least favorite blogger is, TubbyLover69 has you covered: there are styles taking shots at Sullivan, Yglesias, Bob Wright, Ezra Klein. He's got it all! (That Shep Fairey-stizz [--ed.] really is an instant classic.) You might as well buy two. 

PS: One quibble for Tubby--Why nothing for people who hate on the JournoList? Or a "Secrets of Cafe Milano"?