Friday, April 30, 2010

NBA Playoffs Post

Galley Friend R.S. sends along a link to this cliched-yet-entertaining Bill Simmons column. Check out #62, in particular.

But what will really drive you insane is this:

I haven't watched more than 5 minutes of NBA basketball since Answer was traded in 2006. And I don't miss it. Stuff like this is why.

Another reason, however, is stories like this one: So the Caps lose Game 7, the victim of one of the greatest upsets in NHL history. A mother and daughter who had been at the game got a flat tire heading home and were stranded on the Roosevelt Bridge. They called AAA. While they were waiting, Caps forward Brooks Laich drove by. He pulled over to see if they needed help. And then changed their tire for them.

It's a great story, and one you can imagine happening with NHL or MLB players. Not so much the NBA.


E R E said...

Why should the character of the athletes hinder your enjoyment of watching the sport? I don't understand the connection.

BTW: I watched this Portland/Phoenix game last night. Yes, that was a bad call, but, generally, I was actually pleased at how few fouls were called. Regular season is worse.

Oh, and did you see this?

maybe you were right in your TWS piece on leno/conan.

William T. Sherman said...

Does the NBA have a system in place that critiques refs after the games, and holds them accountable in any way? When I see Joey Crawford on the court he reminds me of MLB umpire Ken Kaiser, who's arrogance was second to none, and not surprisingly was one of the handful of umps not taken back after they all resigned in the '90s.

Crawford needs to have a seat next to Kaiser ASAP.

LL said...

On the other hand it is nice to see Nash (a Canadian citizen) criticizing the state of Arizona for trying to control the flow of illegal immigrants. What a douchebag.

Unknown said...

Being a Mavs fan who experienced their loss to Dwayne Wade (and to a lesser extent, the Miami Heat), I have to agree that NBA officials are definitely the worst people ever.

As terrible as the call was in the link you provided, have you seen this one? Crawford takes out Damon Jones, and apparently to make up for it, calls a foul on Chauncey Billups:

I've had some arguments with my girlfriend that went like this.