Monday, May 24, 2010

Ukulele-Based Geek Rock and The French Open

A year or so ago The Pig put me on to Dent May's fantastic tune "God Loves You Michael Chang." It's Ukulele centered tennis-geek rock. In honor of the start of the French, here it is:

PS: Best geek-rock band ever: They Might Be Giants or Bare Naked Ladies?


Anonymous said...

They Might Be Giants

I have no justification beyond Particle Man and my potentially adoration of it.

Dave S. said...

TMBG. Not even close.

WershovenistPig said...

Glad you appreciated the Dent May tune.

I've always preferred BNL to TMBG, but I would argue that BNL is disqualified from its success on the the pop charts here (with "One Week") and in Canada (with "Be My Yoko Ono". Yes, geek rock has occasionally made it to the tops of the charts (DEVO's "Whip It" comes to mind), but topping the charts means that a lot of people considered them cool for some stretch of time.

TMBG, on the other hand, has had success on the college radio charts, and on the kids' album charts, thus retaining more geek cred than BNL.

Unknown said...

TMBG. It's Puppet Head that puts them over top. And Don't Let's Start, if we need another.