Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Half Moon Over Lambeau

Michael Wilbon provides some context on the Randy Moss mooning that I wasn't aware of:

By the way, most folks outside the NFC Central, as it used to be called, probably don't know there's a little tradition of Packers fans actually mooning opposing players on the bus ride away from Lambeau after a Packers victory. Tony Dungy, who spent all those years with Tampa Bay when the Bucs were in that division, recalled seven such mass moonings in Green Bay.

See this way, Moss's faux mooning is actually pretty clever and harmless. Mooning isn't giving someone the finger or riding the pony--it's something 10-year-olds do. All things considered now, I think Moss's antics are pretty funny and he should be left alone on this one. (He should not be left alone for walking off the field with time left against the Redskins; that's pretty unforgivable.)

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Anonymous said...

I think that - as a resident of Green Bay - that the rumors of routine mass moonings of team buses don't ring true to me. Knowing many season ticket holders and their mentality, a routine mass mooning that has been claimed would be boasted about and widely known about. Many people in Green Bay, haven't even heard of a friend of a friend doing this. That's not to say it hasn't happened once or twice.

The biggest issue I have seen with the Randy Moss incident is that some people haven't seen it as mooning - they have seen it as him pretending to defecate in Lambeau field. When I first saw this incident, I wasn't entirely sure what he was trying to get across (as with some of the other football "celebrations"). I heard that he was mooning the crowd and that didn't seem right to me, the latter, more crass explanation seemed to fit better.

Who can say? I think that people in Green Bay are madder that no one "tuned him up" after that display and that there were Packer players hugging him after the game. We were expecting to see someone to get agitated similar to the Terrel Owens "Dallas Star" incident of last season.

Maybe my brain is frozen, but these are just some thoughts from Green Bay