Wednesday, January 12, 2005

John Ellis thinks it's absurd to be bloviating about the CBS Report being a whitewash.

Ellis also calls the "no political bias" conclusion "the only major short-coming of The Panel's report."


Dave in Texas said...

I don't get why Thornburgh would put his name on this thing. He knows better than to think you can ignore the major point with just flowery language.

I'm not sure what the objective was, apparently it wasn't "to restore the credibility of CBS News".

Anonymous said...

CBS hired of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham to do the "independent report". Thornburg is a senior partner. His primary professional responsibility therefore is to CBS. There's nothing unethical about this, but the "independent" in the "independent review" should be viewed with a bit of skepticism.

Bat Guano said...

John Ellis has an excellent point. Bloggers risk looking silly by jumping up and down screaming "Look at me, look at me. I brought down Dan Blather!" It reminds me of professional organizations I belong to that are populated by a bunch of nerds running about making sure EVERYONE has read their latest white paper. Productivity = ZERO, Publicity = what ever you want it to be.

As I said somewhere else on the b-sphere, everyone was expecting way too much out of this internal CBS investigation. Hugh Hewitt and others are peering at this as if it's a Grand Jury Indictment. If it was that, it would be severely weak and incomplete. It was an internal corporate assessment of a project that went waaaayyy south, such that the corporation won't lose its shirt on a similar venture next time. That's all it is.

No one should be surprised they didn't find evidence of liberal bias in the process, since a majority of journalists classify themselves as "moderates," "liberals" being communist purists, I suppose. Journalists are a different specie than the rest of us, which would explain why Danno's evening news market share has maintained a steady march to the toilet. He, and the others (Jennings, Brokaw, et. al.), are the ones that are out of touch with America.

Journalists are biased?!?!?! Horrors!! You're Kidding?!?! As Hewitt said in his excellent book "If it's not close..." Get OVER it! I suggest he go back and read that chapter. Unless there's evidence that CBS tried to suborn the Presidential Election with the DNC's cooperation, this is all useless flailing. It certainly sounds that way so what's needed is an investigation with teeth, i.e subpoena powers. That's what everyone should be ranting and raving for.

Anonymous said...

Dick put his name on this report because he has been fighting the Bushes and losing. This gives him a small victory against a long time enemy. The reason Viacom put him on the "panel" was his bitterness towards Bush.
Rod Stanton

Anonymous said...

Nothing unethical about a Paid Law Firm passing judgement on their Client??

HUH?? What planet you from??? Kook Aide Drinker, possibly?! Jonestown resident??

Give me a Break!! I was born at Night,but not Last Night!!