Monday, January 10, 2005


The new searchable PDFs (they're new to me!) are a God-send and make the "index" a relic of the past. Browsing through the report, I'm shocked to find almost no reporting on whether or not the mysterious "Lucy Ramirez" exists.

You'll remember that Burkett claims he was contacted by a Lucy Ramirez, who arranged to give the documents to him. One would have hoped that the Thornburgh-Boccardi panel would have investigated the existence and/or whereabout of this woman.

Didn't happen. So far as I can tell, "Lucy Ramirez" is references just seven times (on three pages). Is she real? A figment of Burkett's imagination? Here's what the report says: "First, [CBS News, after the story aired] sent personnel into the field to attempt to find Ramirez and thus possibly to confirm the new account. This effort proved unsuccessful."

That's it. Exit Lucy Ramirez, stage left. If the panel did any investigation of their own on Ramirez, I can't find it. She's a major component of the story, and if she doesn't exist it's important information, no?

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rodgermorrow said...

I think Bill Burkett's evident unreliability as a witness (compounded by his refusal to answer questions from the Panel), caused Thornburgh-Boccardi to dismiss "Lucy Ramirez" as a red herring.

Yet I seem to recall reports surfacing during the Rathergate controversy that there was an actual person of that name involved in Texas Democratic politics. You'd think Ms. Ramirez would have merited a half-day's effort on the part of some KLNG associate, if only to separate fact from fiction in Burkett's account.

Given the way the report takes Mapes to task (appropriately so) for not making more effort to contact George Conn, you're right to suggest that the Panel should have applied the same standard of due diligence to their own investigation.