Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Thornburgh's Karl Rove History

Galley Friend J.E. sends along a link to this Professor Bainbridge post:

In my Agency and Partnership class today, I'm teaching Karl Rove & Co. v. Thornburgh, 39 F.3d 1273 (5th Cir.1994). Back when Richard Thornburgh ran for the U.S. Senate, and lost, Thornburgh left behind an unpaid bill of almost $170,000 owed to Karl Rove & Co. for services in conducting a direct mail campaign. It is clear that the authorized campaign committee—the "Thornburgh for Senate Committee"—had hired Rove & Co. and that it was liable. Unfortunately, the committee was broke. So Rove sued Thornburgh personally, seeking to hold Thornburg personally liable on the debt. . . .

There's more. I'm sure this had nothing to do with Thornburgh's performance on the panel, but even so, it's an interesting footnote to all of this.

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