Thursday, January 13, 2005

Yesterday on CNN, Howard Dean told Bill Hemmer the Democrats lagged behind the Republicans by about 20 years "in terms of organization and in terms of message." He spoke frankly about the need to catch up and "reach out into the grassroots." So far so good for a man running for DNC chair. But when Hemmer asks him to elaborate, Dean reveals the true nature of the struggle:

[The Republicans] have a deep infrastructure into the grassroots of all the states. They get involved in lower ballot races, secretary of states races, things like that. Those matter because unfortunately the Republicans believe that it's more important to make sure the Republicans are in power than it is to let democracy flourish. And they're, even their election officials now are, as we saw in Ohio, beginning to suppress votes and things like that.

So you see it's not just happening in the Ukraine.

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