Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ovechkin = Jordan?

For all my newly-minted hockey homeys, Galley Friend B.W. sends along this great story about Alex Ovechkin making up insults in order to get himself fired up.

To all of you Jordan obsessives out there, this is candy.


Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't buy. Human languages refuse to form syntactic compounds that would insult Ovechkin. And you know why? Because human languages fear Ovechkin.

Anonymous said...

I've only seen play in person one time, but I've been to a whole lot of hockey games in my life and I've never seen a kid that was as exciting to watch and as dangerous a goal-scorer as he is. He scored twice the night I saw him plus one assist, and every time he touched the puck everyone, including the opposing players, seemed to hold their breath in anticipation of what he'd do next. The kid is a superstar, and, if he ever gets a supporting cast, his name will be tossed around in between Lemieux and Gretzky. He's that good.