Friday, November 17, 2006

Taser Video

Galley Reader J.H. sends along this link to video that claims to be police tasering a student at the UCLA library. The video isn't as hot as you might think, but the comments from the students in the peanut gallery--"I want your badge numbers"; "Here's your Patriot Act"--are pretty awesome. There's an LA Times story on it, too.

I'll be honest, I've got very little sympathy, because that's how we rolled at the Hop. Only it was students tasering each other, there was no political aspect to the violence, and the library was built six levels underground. No sunlight. No escape.

True story.


Anonymous said...

JVL, you must have been gone by '96, when it was Hopkins students popping caps in each other's asses. True story.

Jonathan V. Last said...

Oh I was there. I was working at the desk in Levering and heard the shots.

Anonymous said...

JVL we're glad you survived. Glad to see the Balto mayor moving on to bigger and better things. FX