Friday, March 30, 2007

How Many Regent Grads Does It Take to Run a Country?

Guess how many graduates of Pat Robertson's Regent University are working in the Bush administration?

Go ahead, I dare you.


Anonymous said...

Watch out, here comes a meme: let's call it "The 150"!

I hate to ask, but how many people are in "the Administration"? How many of them are from Univ of Maryland? Michigan? Harvard?

I ask because Blumenthal's number seems to come straight from the Regent web page on "Distinctive Graduates": "150 graduates serving in the Bush Administration" If I were a journalist, I'm sure I could think of some questions about what that number on a school website really means.

The highest Regent grad named by Blumenthal is a former head of OPM, and the linked WaPo article makes her sound like a moderate.

I yield to no one in my objections to Pat Robertson's existence; I hate-watched the 700 Club before it was cool, and I don't think he believes a word he says about God doing things. But the Blumenthal opinion piece is thin.

Also, all of this is coming up because of Monica Goodling, the 5th Amendment-taker. Sanford Levinson at TNR ( and Dan Froomkin at the WaPo ( are making amateurish efforts to make the new Monica a part of something bigger (Froomkin shouldn't get into how people make immunity decisions post-Libby without talking to a lawyer--Dems will make the same decisions from now on too). Someone should do some 'reporting' about it to see if the meme is ready for its close-up.

Oh, and in response to commenter 2:11pm, Gays totally caused 9-11 because Mohammed Atta was in the closet. And New Orleans was gays too, or dikes.

Anonymous said...

Does a Regent grad you enlists in the Army serve "in the Bush Administration"?

Anonymous said...

Regent University plays hide and seek with 150 Bush admin alumni -- Now they're here... Now they're not!

As late as 6 April, 2007, Regent University's “facts” web page proudly boasted that they had:

“150 graduates serving in the Bush Administration.”

Between April 6 and April 12, the University removed that statement from their web site and, for at least several days, (April 12-16) there was no statement listed at all about any Regent U. graduates working for the Bush administration.

Sometime on April 16, a new statement appeared on their "facts" page:

"150 students have served in the Bush administration."

Apparently, not all of the 150 are still "serving" Bush, but does this statement also mean that some of those 150 "students" never actually graduated from the U?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this number has no context whatsoever. 150 out of how many attorneys? Is that in the entire federal government or the White House or the Department of Justice? According to the NALP Directory of Legal Employers, there are 9,629 lawyers working for the U.S. Department of Justice alone. There are thousands more attorneys working for other agencies and departments working in the federal government. If you look at the statistics, approximately 17% if Regent law school grads get jobs with the government, a pretty typical number for an east coast school (especially one close to D.C.).

In all, so fuckin' what!

Anonymous said...

197 Howard Law grads work for the federal government. Conspiracy, I tell ya.