Thursday, March 22, 2007


Galley Brother B.J. sends along these two bits of satisfaction.

Bit the first: is now getting blown out by This is good news not just because my full-time job is part of the Murdoch-Fox-News Corp Empire. I suspect that the next step in the fall of ESPN will be Fox Sports Radio overtaking ESPN Radio. Steve Czaban's First Team on FSR is one of the best sports talkshows you'll ever hear--particularly compared to the ESPN's flagship Mike & Mike in the Morning, which is kind of like the Family Circus of sportstalk.

We can only dream of the day the Fox Sports network can seriously challenge the ESPN Family of Networks, which have become all but unwatchable.

Bit the second is more bad news for the PS3. Follow the link if interested.


Anonymous said...

I like Mike & Mike and I can even listen to Colin Cowherd; however, I cannot stand Dan Patrick. If you listen, it is all about Dan Patrick, he also has that loathsome Keith O on for an hour. I also don't like espn's boo-ya's and "throwing someone under the bus." Finally, a disturbing trend on espn radio (and probably fox) are sports guest coming on to talk and pitch Clariton or Lowes or shill for some other product. It is an ad weakly disguised as an interview. In the past couple of days on Mike & Mike and Colin C., I've heard Ronnie Lott pitching Clariton and some washed-up college basketball coach pitch Lowes.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Mike are kind of goofy, which is nice. Cowherd is clearly a poor man's Jim Rome and I dislike Rome a lot. The evening guys are much, much better than all of them. Coleman, Seibel, Rickard are excellent as is Jason Smith (although he's an acquired taste.)

Having moved recently to an area with both FSR and ESPNR, I like that FSR manages to have more than one caller for 15 seconds a night. I also like the fact that it acknowledges California and the West Coast as actually having worthwhile sports.

Shawn B. said...

FSR in the morning rocks.
I like M&M, but after listening to FSR, M&M is just Wonder Bread Toast to FSR's Bacon Breakfast Pizza.