Thursday, March 01, 2007

More on Antonella Barba

Jenny's still dogging the story. The wet T-shirt at the WWII Memorial pics are actually kind of morally repugnant. I don't mean to sound more prissy than usual, but isn't posing semi-nude in the fountain of a memorial to the 405,000 men and women who died protecting your country kind of out of bounds? I'm just saying.

Although I'm also just saying that if Antonella could handle a snap, maybe Jenny wouldn't be into this story . . .


Anonymous said...

A thousand dirty pictures on a thousand WWII bombers, and you think her shots are disrespectful to soldiers? This is why they fought!

I suggest you poll some WWII vets or better yet some 22-year-old soldiers. Make sure they see the shots first.

If these pictures are part of a series, I would like a few of Antonella straddling Lincoln next. There's your "American Idol", grandma!

Lighten up, Francis.

Michael said...

Obviously you've never met a WWII Vet, they only cared about two things, f*cking and staying alive. This girl is a true American Hero!!

Anonymous said...

Well, speaking as the son of a WWII vet, and a Viet Nam vet myself: I'd propose that his generation was the last to know that there is a proper time and a proper place for everything.

Sure, you paint a pin-up girl on the side of your B-17. You're with the fellas. Not a dame in sight. Fine. But it doesn't mean that you get to talk dirty everywhere, all the time. That was the lesson my generation never learned.

It's why when you visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier you find an honor guard, not pole dancers. It's a little thing called respect.

As for Antonella Barba, who gives a shit? Her tits'll sag in a few years any way, and there will be another pretty young tramp, sure as night follows day.