Monday, August 27, 2007


From Galley Friend S.B., the trailer for the greatest, saddest, docu ever made--Darkon.

I can't actually explain to you what this is. You have to see if for yourself. But I will say this: It's only the second saddest thing I've seen in the last three days.


Anonymous said...

What's the first? I'm speechless, btw. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Speechless is right. That's just so ... sad. And yet I can't remember a trailer that's made me want to watch a documentary as much as this one.

So do tell: What is the even-sadder thing to which you refer?

Rear Admir0l said...

I couldn't watch it. As a D&D geek, there are very few people we get to look down on, but LARP-ers fit the bill.
But that = sad.
If I ever sweat while taking out the trash, I will kill myself. If I'm not too fat to lift the pistol.

Anonymous said...

A) It's fight club for nerds.

B) They all talk about doing great things and being heroes. If they want to fight in battles, we have plenty of real ones with real heroes right now.

Jacob said...

I actually saw Darkon and it's a really great movie. It is sad but in other ways than it might appear. For example the main character may look sad in a banal way (househusband living through a game) but actually has a far sadder backstory.

Anonymous- there are actually some former soldiers in the doc (one of the more chilling moment is a man describing a battle and you gradually realize that he's talking about Iraq, not Darkon).

But yeah, it's genuinely entertaining and poignant.

Anonymous said...

One of the players looks like Kevin Smith; another looks like Rainn Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Darkon television premiere on IFC -November 12 @ 9pm E/10pm P - for more info: