Friday, August 10, 2007

Spadea, I ain't afraid a ya'

I'm reading Vince Spadea's Break Point and if you have any affinity for tennis you absolutely must track down a copy. (Which is harder than it sounds.) You may remember Spadea from this:

Actually, his rhymes aren't bad. The prose in the book is less good, but Spadea's observations are worth the effort. I'll just tease you with this:

It's 1994 and the 19-year-old Spadea is in Scottsdale playing a tournament. Agassi is there, too. They had met each other before Spadea had gone pro and in Scottsdale, Agassi took the young Spadea out to lunch.

At TGI Fridays.

At Fridays, Andre ordered a chicken sandwich and fried calamari, and I thought, "This guy's roots. He's worth eight million dollars and he's eating fried calamari at Fridays?"

Andre knew the waitress.

Want more Spadea rapping? Here it is:

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