Friday, April 04, 2008

BSG Countdown

Joe Carter makes the case that BSG is the best sci-fi TV show ever (an easy call) and one of the best shows ever on TV. If you're a skeptic, his spoiler-free piece is worth reading.

If you want more, spoiler-filled stuff, AICN has some details on the Caprica BSG prequel, which hint at the origins of the Cylon religion. I'm not going to lie--it's pretty hot.

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Anonymous said...

God BSG is utter rot. The Glen Larson stuff was better. But then heck the Jack Webb "Dragnet" was better.

BSG is garbage: the human race nearly extinct and fertile women in the cockpit? People quarreling? Over killing Cylons yet? Or stuff that happened on now-dead worlds?

The best sci-fi was:

1. Babylon 5 -- better characters, design, a beginning, middle, and end carefully thought out.

2. UFO -- stunning example of a "lookback" to WWII (which was then only twenty years ago) in human-alien "hidden war." Possibly the most fearsome boss ever: Ed Straker.