Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top Chef fans: Was anyone else surprised that Jennifer was eliminated last night, considering Antonia and Lisa didn't even follow the rules, not wanting to cook a kielbasa and substituting a chorizo instead? Lisa in particular showed utter disdain for Polish sausage. And I did find Jennifer and Stephanie's phallic concept humorous, though the execution of it led some to think less of the asparagus, goat cheese, and salad as a menage a trois and more like an orgy.

On the other hand, Jennifer can now rejoin her partner Zoi, who was eliminated in an earlier episode. They no longer have to cook to impress and strive to be ├╝ber-creative. Instead they can just cook out of love and make something simple.

Perhaps a muffuletta?

(Q: Were you really wondering about the judges' decision or was that all just a run-up for an extremely crass pun? A: I was truly concerned. And who doesn't love a muffuletta? Q: True, but if that's the case, why did you use italics? A: It's an exotic term. It wouldn't have been the case if, say, I said "hot tuna casserole.")

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