Friday, April 18, 2008

Terror at the Washington Post

Sad, tragic news: The Post has fired KSK's Christmas Ape (aka Michael Tunison). The Ape is the best of the best, KSK's Iceman (to Big Daddy Drew's Maverick). This is a tragedy for all concerned.

Seems to me that if I ran the Post's sports section--where Tony "I'm Famous!" Kornheiser is stealing money year after year--and I found out the Christmas Ape was working for me, I'd make him quit KSK and give him a column.

The official reason for Tunison's firing is that, by appearing drunk in a photo (taken while he was off-duty), he brought "discredit to the paper." Huh? My guess is that Wilbon somebody at the paper who doesn't like sports bloggers insisted he be shown the door.

But you know what brings discredit to a newspaper? Allowing big money columnists to strut around town, blathering on TV every chance they get, and then, when they have an extra five minutes, phone in their columns. Or "columnettes."

It's a total travesty. God speed, Christmas Ape.

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