Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Downside of Dark Knight

Studios are going to continue throwing money at comic-book projects, and probably more indiscriminately than before, even. Witness this depressing story about a Rob Liefeld book which has been optioned before it's even been published.

Couldn't get worse, right? Wrong. The screenwriters attached are writers for Ryan Seacrest's LA radio show.


Anonymous said...

Several years ago, I witnessd a then-aspiring screenwriter friend frantically digging through his comics collection in search of a "new" superhero for cinematic treatment. Even more bewildering, he was actually being paid to do it.

Can't these motherfuckers just make something up?

- Brian Moore

Anonymous said...

I expect Liefeld getting options on his stuff prior to its publication is the wisest choice. Who would spend money on it once it's come out?